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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spring is almost here (a ramble of sorts)

And my renewed love for knitting is not letting up. My dreams are filled with socks and garments, awaiting serious design; I am discovering new yarns and needles to which I was previously oblivious.

I've known how to knit since about 1972 or 1973, but never before has my desire to knit and grow in my aptitute for the craft been so concentrated as it is now. Back when I was 5 or 6, my mother taught me how to knit on a pair of pencil crayons, and with the exception of a few patterns, I am self-taught for most of my other techniques. I read everything I could get my hands on and did a plethora of wild experimentation and unfinished projects. I became quite a skilled knitter, but a very disorganized one. I'm sure many long-time knitters can relate to the UFO (unfinished object) syndrome, with the tingling eagerness to start new projects, but not so tingling to finish them. Well, those were the times when "UFO" would have had my picture beside it in a knitting dictionary.

Somehow I have turned over a new leaf this year. I've set new goals. The reason? I suppose it's a growing experience. I've looked back on my life and hobbies therein, and realized that I've been blessed with the ability to knit for over 30 years, yet possess very little evidence to show for it. I've done more reading, and "knitting theory" type of self-education, interspersed with many grandiose attempts, than anything. I also used to bite off more than I could realistically chew, project-wise, even though if I had stuck to my guns, I could have indeed finished things.

This year, I've approached this beautiful craft from a new angle. I have more eagerness to finish things I start, and feel a sense of accomplishment when I can snap something with my digital camera and show my work here.

My latest knitting needle adventure is bamboo double pointed needles. These needles are winning me over, as they are lightweight and strong, and it feels so good and earthy and old-worldish to be knitting a sock with them. I still do love my Addis, but for different reasons. I suppose picking a favorite needle for me would be like trying to pick a favorite child. I just love them all.


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