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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Really Pink Socks and bad weather

Well, this is enough fooling around with the template changes for now, before I really mess it up (grin).

The picture to the left shows a pair of socks I completed a few days ago. The yarn I used was Lucy Neatby's Celestial Merino. It's done in a k2, p2, ribbing all the way down. In real life they are really really pink, and I'll try to see if my husband can take a more true-to-life picture. I liked the look of the yarn in the skein, but as I progressed in knitting these socks, I decided the colors were a little too bold for my own personal wearing taste. My soon-to-be 16 year old daughter, however, likes them a lot and now is the proud owner of these socks.

Today we have a blustery, snowy day here in HRM district, and Moe has shown some pictures on her blog to prove it. I don't mind bad weather days, as nobody seems to question why a perfectly healthy adult with a sizeable brood of children would want to stay indoors on such a day. I can contentedly do indoorsy type activities with my children, knit, putter around the house, and it's default acceptable "bad weather activity". On lovely gorgeous spring and summer type days, one must go out and enjoy it, especially with children.

Isaac Asimov's short story collection, Nightfall and Other Stories contains a story (which I highly recommend) entitled It's Such a Beautiful Day. In the preface to this story, he writes about how his idea of a good time is to sit at home and type up stories (as is easily evidenced by the number of books he churned out)

He writes (regarding staying indoors and writing in bad weather):
No one has any particular objection to this as long as we have the sleet of a typical New England late fall day darting through the air....

But then comes a beautiful day in May-June or September-October and everyone says to me, "What are you doing indoors on a day like this, you creep?" Sometimes out of sheer indignation they pick me up and throw me out the window so I can enjoy the nice day.

So, since I have some time, and the children are content doing indoor activities, I think I'll take more pictures of works in progress, and blog about those too, a bit later on.


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