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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Birthday Stash Enhancement

A couple days ago was my birthday (39th - I'm not age shy). Combining birthday money from my in-laws and my usual yarn budget, I purchased the following yarns. I also bought the bamboo needles in the sock pictured in the post below. As usual, clicking on each photo will give you a larger image with more detail, if you wish.

I've used the DG Confetti before and liked it, so I bought some more!

Briggs & Little was recommended to me by a friend on the Socknitters List.
Its official name is "Denim" but looking closely you can see the many colors that make up this gorgeous color.

The Opal Seide is for Father's Day socks for my husband. Don't worry, I can't keep a secret, he knows! ;)


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