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Monday, May 29, 2006

Responses to readers

A few posts back, I received some comments which deserved a response, but I wasn't too prompt in answering. I shall answer these now.

Catty Contessa said: "I love the ribbing on the socks. Did you do 2 rows of 2x2 and 2 rows of purl?"

My response: I did 4 rows of 2x2 (k2,p2) and then 2 rows of purl.

Kelly said: "I am amazed with 5 children you find the time to knit! I love that pattern though. Where do you get your dpn bamboo needles? I'm in Dartmouth and have had difficulty finding a pair. I'd rather buy locally than go on line if possible."

My response: I don't really have time to knit. I'm more of an "opportunistic" knitter. I carry my knitting with me literally everywhere, and seize the moments as they come, and it all adds up. Add that to evenings and weekends and it works out ok.

I purchase my bamboo dpns (and other knitting needles) from The Loop Craft Café here in Halifax on Barrington Street. Also, LK Yarns on Young Street.
In Dartmouth you can also find Tangled Skeins on Portland Street.


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